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This site is basically an all-around excellent legal search engine-- basically Yahoo! on legal subjects.  It also offers various newsletters on court decisions and other topics.  It's a excellent place to look for an overview on legal topics.  It also has links to almost every state or federal statue you may need.
This is the central website for all of the United States Federal Courts.  This site has general information about the federal court system as well as links to the individual district courts and courts of appeal.  The individual local sites generally have court information, rules and electronic forms, as well as other useful information.
This is the Securities and Exchange Commission's website.  Recently completely re-designed, the website offers even more information to the investor and practitioner alike, from public filings to reports of regulatory action.  No investigation into a public company or registered broker or dealer is complete without a thorough search of this site.
New York State Unified Court System website is the central website for New York State Courts.  This site has a vast array of information for attorneys and clients, including appearance calendars, court rules, downloadable forms, attorney registration information and more.
This site is the primary website for the National Association of Securities Dealers - Regulation, Inc.  This site provides valuable information for investors as well as access to broker Central Registration Depository (CRD) records which provide information as to a brokers previous employment and disciplinary record.  You can do a search directly at:
The primary website for the New York Stock Exchange, this site provides general information on the securities market as well as extensive information on regulatory and arbitration decisions.  There is also a useful link to the NYSE arbitration rules.

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