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Current Actions

  • Lead counsel for plaintiff in Gasman v. Morgan Stanley, a class action on behalf of Morgan Stanley securities brokers alleging that deductions were made from the brokers' salary and payment for overtime was earned and not paid in violation of state and federal law.

  • Lead counsel for plaintiff in Telco v. Ameritrade, Inc. a class action on behalf of Ameritrade customers who suffered losses because their trades were not executed in compliance with contractual and legal duties of "best execution."

  • Counsel for the Dictaphone Litigation Trust in Nisselson v. Lernout against over 40 defendants seeking damages for injury to Dictaphone Corporation resulting from its fraudulently-induced $900 million merger into a subsidiary of Lernout & Hauspie, N.V.

  • Counsel for owners of acquired corporation in Brainstorms Internet Marketing, Inc. v. USA Networks, Inc. seeking over $4 million for breach of an option agreement.

  • Counsel for investment advisors in Brofman v. Tocqueville Asset Management, Inc. seeking over $6 million for breach of a covenant not to complete.

  • Counsel for individual plaintiffs in several actions relating to the A.R. Baron stock manipulation, seeking an aggregate of $11.5 million compensatory damages (before trebling) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, including Baxter v. A.R. Baron (favorably settled) and Fezzani v. Bear Stearns, the largest private action against Bear Stearns & Co. arising out of the A.R. Baron collapse. Represented clients in five separate related bankruptcy proceedings, one of which resulted in a $27.5 million judgment. Sat on Creditors' Committee in the three proceedings where a committee had been established.

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